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This is the website of the Yallingup Rural Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, headquartered 6.2k south of the Yallingup Post Office on Caves Road. The brigade covers an area of around 106 square kilometres. Its neighbours include the Yallingup Coastal, Dunsborough and Wilyabrup brigades. If you are interested in volunteering as a fire fighter please go to the New Members section of this website. If you are not keen on fighting fires but want to help, we are looking for auxiliary volunteers.  For more information click on New Auxiliaries. Without volunteers there is no brigade. The brigade is a not-for-profit organisation and any  contributions would be much appreciated. If interested, please go to the Contact Us page.


  • Use the links on the right to access the DFES or DPaW websites .
  • Call the DFES Information Line at:  13DFES (13 3337)
  • Listen to ABC Local Radio at 684 AM at 15  and 45 minutes past the hour.

This website will NOT  be updated during a fire although it will carry bushfire alerts from DFES in the box on the right. However these could be delayed up to 15 minutes. Click here for the very latest  DFES South West alerts..

The latest news about the brigade follows below:

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Abbey Farm Road Fire Brings out Three Brigades


Adam Blacking Out

A grass and tree fire on Abbey Farm Road brought out the Yallingup Rural, Dunsborough and Wilyabrup brigades Tuesday morning.

Mark Extinguishing Embers

Mark Extinguishing Embers

A quick response by the Light Tanker and the 1.4 stopped the fire from spreading out of the paddock into the Wills Domain vineyard and surrounding bush. A gusty, variable wind made the initial work more difficult by spreading the fire throughout the paddock and into trees.

The LT, driven by Duncan and the 1.4 with Douglas, Noel and Tony met Adam, Annie and Mark P at the fire where David was already on the scene. He was later joined by FCO Chris. Annie and Mark had just returned from Esperance the night before where Annie was carrying out community liaison duties.They had spent all Monday driving back.

The Dunsborough 4.4 and Wilyabrup LT helped stop the fire from spreading and assisted in the blacking out.

Di and Jenny-Drafting Underway

Di and Jenny-Drafting Underway

It was a baptism by fire for the new auxiliary pump team with Bill, Di and Jenny efficiently setting up the pump adjacent to the Will’s Domain dam to supply water to the appliances.

The fire, which started around 11, was thought to have been ignited by a spark occurring during paddock slashing. It was largely blacked out by 13:00. Meanwhile the brigade’s 4.4 and the 12.2 were three hours north fighting fires in the Jarradale area.

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4.4 and 12.2 head to Jarradale

IMG_2546 The 4.4 and 12.2 are heading up to the Jarradale/Boddington fire Tuesday morning. The 4.4 crew consists of Matty, Mike G., Mitch and Stevo, recently back from an Esperance excursion.Mike Terry and Adam Jasper are on the 12.2

According to DFES, the fire was first reported on 15 November 2015. There were originally two fires but they joined into one. The fire has burnt about 10,000ha.The cause of the fire is lightning and the Department of Parks and Wildlife is managing the fire.

As of Monday night in the Perth region there are also fires around Ellenbrook, Chittering and Mandurah.


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Local Crews Coming Back from Esperance


12.2 Leaving Esperance Saturday

The Yallingup Rural based 12.2 with Alan and Stevo is returning from the Esperance region Saturday, along with the Dunsborough truck with Leisha from Rural.


The South West Convoy Heading to Esperance

They headed off from Yallingup Wednesday with the 12.2 leaving the Thornton shed at 05:30. They met other trucks at Dunsborough and Manjimup and arrived in the evening at Esperance about 13 hours later. The convoy consisted of the 12.2, Margaret River 3.4 Urban, Dunsborough 3.4, Cattrick 2.4, Northcliffe 3.4.

They worked around the Scaddan area. The pictures were provided by Alan and Annie.


Burnt Out Wheat Crop

Leisha, new uniform, start of duties

Leisha, new uniform, start of duties


Smoke on the Water-Esperance


Blacking Out Near Scaddon

Blacking Out Near Scaddan


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1.4 Takes on Car Fire-12.2 Gets Down to Work in Esperance

The 1.4 was used to put out a car fire in Blackbutt Close, Wednesday. A quick thinking dozer driver dumped a bucket of sand on the car and temporarily put out the initial fire. However once the 1.4 arrived along with Adam, David, Douglas, Emma, Kevin and Noel, and the car was dug out, it was clear it was still burning. It took all the truck’s thousand litres and foam to eventually put it out.

Meanwhile the brigade’s 12.2 tanker has arrived in the Esperance region with Alan and Stevo and was already at work Thursday morning just South of Salmon Gums .

12.2 Drafting Near Esperance

12.2 Drafting Near Esperance

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Grass Fire Brings Out the 4.4 and LT; 12.2 to Esperance

bayfieldA grass fire ignited Monday afternoon during the slashing of a paddock in Bayfield Court. The 4.4 with Alan, Andy, Mark P and Matty and the Light Tanker with Duncan and Emma quickly made the area safe and subsequently blacked out the remnants. Nature assisted with the absence of a sea breeze.

Early Wednesday the 12.2 with Alan and Stevo headed off to Esperance while Leisha joined a Dunsborough crew heading east. Annie also set off  with Mark P to Esperance in her community liaison role.


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Another Escaped Burn Stopped Just in Time

Dunsborough LT Crew Blacking OutDunsborough Light Tanker provided assistance Saturday, stopping a burn-off escaping into bush full of grass trees. The fire was on Vintners Drive. It developed  mid-afternoon when the wind picked up and flames spread from a burning pile into a paddock and adjacent grass trees. Vintners Drive is on the border of the Dunsborough district and their Light Tanker crew quickly got the fire under control.

The brigade’s 4.4 soon arrived with Andy, Bruce, Matty and Mike joining David, Chris and Tony S and  the Dunsborough 3.4 in blacking out.

After Friday’s almost steady rain the brigade had been hoping for a day off Saturday.  Sunday is the last day of burning without a permit and residents are urged to be cautious.

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