2012 AGM

The 2012 AGM will be held at 1100 on Sunday, the 6th of May, at the Fire Shed on Caves Road.

It will be followed by lunch at Swings & Roundabouts – funded by the Brigade.

Partners are welcome to the meeting and/or the lunch: normally the meeting will take about 2 hours.

The Agenda can be found under the Organisation:/Brigade Minutes tab above.


Burn Permits

Several days ago there was a small running fire in some leaf litter in the lagoon road area.  It was caused by a resident burning off without a permit.

The fire prompted a 000 call, but was extinguished by several of our members who live nearby.

The message here is that Permits are still required, but at the moment they are unlikely to be issued until there is some significant rain.


Caves Road Pole Top Fire

Pole Fire 2 April 2012

On Monday morning at about 1030 Dean Henry spotted a pole top fire in Caves Road between Gunyulgup and  Marrinup Drives on Michael Gregg’s property.  He called it into David Hunt and 000 then efficiently put out the initial leaf litter fire at the base of the pole – wearing his PPE pink flip flops.

Comms in Perth tasked both Yallingup Coastal and Yallingup Rural.

David was first on the scene, and Yallingup Coastal arrived with their LT (Kim Standish and Paul Blight) and we turned out our 1.4 with Mark Fisher, Pete Stewart, Duncan Gardner, Bruce Lawrence and Joe Burley.  When they arrived the fire was dropping charcoal to the ground but there were no more spot fires.

Western Power arrived 10 minutes after being called, isolated the power to the pole in another 10 minutes, and re-established power 10 minutes after that.

As you can see from the photo, the mighty 1.4 had plenty of pressure to deal with the situation.  Alternatively, if you don’t look too closely at the photo, it could be Joe demonstrating that he doesn’t have prostate problems.

Interestingly, that pole was adjacent to the one which started the fire two years ago that burned into Kangaroo Parade.

An efficient job, well done by all concerned.