Private Burn-Offs Causing More Brigade Callouts

The brigade was called out twice in less than an hour Thursday due to private burn-offs gone wrong.

The first was on Yungarra Drive with the brigade being called out to help the Dunsborough brigade. It was just up the road from last week’s fire. Dunsborough quickly took control and our trucks were subsequently not needed and the crews were stood down.

Less than an hour later the brigade was called out to put out a fire off Indjidup Spring Road that had reignited from a weekend burn. The 1.4 with Fish and Matty put out the fire that had been smouldering for days in the sand and then flared up. The Brigade Captain pointed out that it is the responsibility of anyone doing a burn to make sure the fire is definitely out before leaving. With only a few more days left in the burn-off season it is crucial that anyone lighting a fire recognises the risks involved and takes adequate precautions.


Another Week and Another Fire

yungarraThe brigade helped it’s neighbor, Dunsborough, put out an escaped burn Thursday afternoon on Yungarra Drive. David, Pete and Tony S turned up as the Dunsborough trucks arrived, with both Pete and Tony being nearby when the alert went out.  Within minutes Emma and Stevo arrived on the Light Tanker and then Bruce, Douglas, Matty, and Mitch arrived on the 4.4 joined by Mark. P. The fire was quickly extinguished and blacked out.

Monitoring the Firebreak-Blue Orchid Court
Monitoring the Firebreak-Blue Orchid Court

On Tuesday night all trucks were out for a burn on Blue Orchid Court. It started at 4pm and wound up around 8:45.

First Fire of the Season


All the brigade trucks were out Monday afternoon assisting our neighbours, Wilyabrup, with a fire on Moses Rock Road. The quick turnout prevented the out-of-control burn from spreading into denser bush as the breeze picked up.

mopping up
Mark and Pete Blacking Out

The 4.4 was first out of the gate with Andy, Bruce and Matty, shortly followed by the 1.4 with Douglas, Mark P, Pete and Tony S. They were later joined by Adam and Emma on the Light Tanker and Alan and Annie on the 12.2. Fish managed the fire and David helped with the plumbing.

The alarm went out a little after 1:30 and all the trucks were back by 16:30. It was the first fire of the season, one day later than last year’s first.

Other recent events have included a false alarm last Sunday, assisting Yallingup Coastal and DPAW with a burn in the National Park, attending the Fire Expo at Dunsborough Saturday and helping with a number of private burns.