Fire interrupts Training

abbeytreeA lightning strike interrupted training Tuesday bringing out both the 4.4 and the 1.4.

A tree on Abbey Farm Rd was struck by lightning Tuesday evening. Fortunately most of the brigade was at training down the road and a fast response extinguished the fire quickly.

The 4.4 consisted of Douglas, Mike, Todd and Tony while Andy, Bruce, Mark and Pete were in the 1.4. Fish was running the show.


Simmo’s Without the Ice Cream

horsefireThe brigade was called to a paddock fire behind Summo’s Ice Cream Friday.

The fire was on a horse agistment property and was contained by the time the 4.4 arrived but it took hours to black out as it was burning and smoldering in peat and manure.

Bruce and Carlo Blacking Out
Bruce and Carlo Blacking Out

Bevan, Bruce, Carlo,  Fish and Tony were in the 4.4 and Mark P and Stando where in the LT. David  was in attendance. They departed at 11:30 and were back after 4. Dunsborough brigades and Yallingup Coastal where also at the fire with one Dunsborough crew spotted with ice cream cones.

Fortunately there was no sea breeze, which helped the crews in controlling the fire.


A Lot of Support Behind the Scenes

Over the last week the brigade firefighters got the publicity, but they have been getting a lot of support behind the scenes.

Barb Stevens was on duty 24 hours a day for five days (actually all summer) coordinating volunteers and putting together shifts for the fire. She is the interface between the managers coordinating the fire response and the volunteers. Along with sending out fire alerts she negotiates schedules and coordinates transport with the vollies. She is definitely in the wrong career-she would make an amazing travel agent. She could sell holidays in Marble Bar in summer!

Annie Palmer spent 4 days at Leschenault Leisure Centre as a Community Liaison Officer with over 1,000 evacuees. Her work included helping organize community meetings and providing fire information to evacuees, working closely with Media Liaison and the public. She worked directly with the evacuees to try to maker their life easier. She also travelled with those residents who returned to Yarloop to discover the fate of their properties. For more info on  the Community Liaison Unit (CLU) click here.

The Captain would also like to thank the ” Welcome Home” teams which greeted the tired and weary crews every night. Special mention to Barb Stevens, Shahan Ayres and Chris Ayres who were there every night regardless of how late.  It was good for morale, support and comradeship which made an even stronger bond to an already strong Brigade family.


Pole fire brings out brigade



Western Power Repairing Damage
Western Power Repairing Damage
A power pole fire started a fire in the bush west of Caves Road Tuesday.

The fire, on Woodlands Road, Wilyabrup was quickly extinguished. A quick response stopped it escaping into heavy bush

The 4.4 responded with Alan,  Andy, Douglas, Kev and Mitch followed by the 1.4 with Fish, Mark P and Tony and Duncan and Pete in the LT.

Wilyabrup, Metricup and Cowaramup FRS were also in attendance. David was in control.

It was the first day in five no one from the brigade was at the Harvey fire.


More Rural Crews to Harvey

Refueling in Brunswick Junction
Refueling in Brunswick Junction

Crew shifts to the Waroona-Harvey fire are being scheduled up to Wednesday although Monday is the last overnight shift.  Note:  Crews scheduled after Monday were stood down Monday night.

Adam and Andy spent Sunday night in the Ambergate LT.  Monday’s crew had Bruce, Pete and Steveo in the Vasse 3.4 while Kevin was in the LT. Monday night’s shift is Bevan, Dave W and Stando. Tuesday morning sees Alan, Bob, Mitch and Tony heading to the southern boundary of the fire. Wednesday’s crew is currently Bevan, Mike G and Steveo with one more to come.

Annie’s role with the Community Liaison Unit in Australind has been extended to Wednesday. She is currently working with those who have lost their homes and property in the fire.

Explosion at Saw Mill
Explosion at Saw Mill Saturday

The crews have been involved in asset protection and building fire breaks, consolidating their positions before winds pick up later in the week.

Waroona-Harvey Fire keeps Brigade Busy

harfireRural has been sending a steady stream of crews to help fight the Waroona-Harvey fire. Crews are currently being scheduled up to Tuesday night.

Blacking Out
Blacking Out

The first crew with Andy, Carlo, Matty and Mitch returned Friday night after spending the day protecting properties around the townsite of Cookernup, north of Harvey. They were part of a task force under Busso FOC Alan Guthrie which included crews from Busso, Sussex and Margs. Work included putting out running fires up to 3k from town. Wind changes during the day and a thunderstorm complicated life by changing the direction of the fire a number of times.

Fire at the Mill
Fire at the Mill

Saturday’s crew of Leisha, Stando, Steveo and Tony spent most of the day north west of Harvey protecting a saw mill and adjacent properties. The combination of burning piles of lumber and the weather made for very hot work. Under Stando’s leadership they were able to have a fire break created that should provide a western limit to that section of the fire. They also spent time chasing down grass fires. Steveo did a good job of avoiding getting bogged in the sandy soil, unlike our neighbours from the west! Their task force consisted mainly of crews from the Denmark area.

Sundays Crew-Start of Shift
Sunday’s Crew-Start of Shift

The Saturday night crew consisted of the two Mikes and Todd. Sunday morning Alan, Duncan, Douglas and Mark P left at 6am for a day’s work. Sunday night Adam and Andy (we ran out of A’s) are heading north.  Monday morning it is Bruce, Kev, Pete and Steveo-again..  (Pictures courtesy of Duncan, Matty and Tony)

Clearing the Fire Break
Clearing a Fire Break
Going in for the Drop
Going in for the Drop
On Target
On Target
Big Enough to Produce Its Own Weather
Big Enough to Produce its Own Weather