A busy May for the brigade

After a very quiet season the brigade picked up the pace in May with its AGM and a couple of hazard reduction burns.

Brigade AGM 2017

There were big changes at the AGM with longtime chairman, Ian MacKenzie, stepping down and being replaced by Peter Campbell, the area’s Bushfire Ready Facilitator. Ian will remain an active member of the auxiliaries while Peter maintains his facilitator’s role

The brigade also thanked Mark and Wendy Standish for their major contribution to the brigade over the years. Wendy has been the brigade secretary for the last few years and Mark was the Yallingup Siding brigade captain and then FCO and active member. They are moving to Darwin. Wendy has been replaced by Linda Jenkins.

Between the showers the brigade was able to get in two burnoffs; at Sainsbury Loop and Lombo View. The burns were managed by Matty with Alan, Chris, Dave B & Dave T, Douglas, Egis, Fish, Hunty, Mike, Noel, Ross, Ruth, Pete and Todd helping out.

More burns are planned, with the timing depending on the weather. The next is scheduled for this Saturday, June 3.  Anyone available should contact Fish.

Captain Matty points out it’s crucial for the brigade to conduct these important burns at this time of year as this minimizes the potential for major summer fires. And it is also an excellent opportunity for new members to get some experience,  in light of the very few fires this last season.


Brigade puts new training skills to use at Kaloorup fire

Brigade members were called upon to put their new training skills to good use Wednesday when they took on the Kaloorup fire and excelled.

Andy, Bevan and Noel, in the 4.4, were confronted by the fire before they got to the command centre. There was a strong, up to 40k, northerly wind pushing the fire through a combination of bush and paddock. Noel knocked the fire back with the truck’s monitor, They then went on, joining about 10 trucks from other brigades, in protecting a threatened property and in bringing the fire under control. Chris joined the crew after finishing his responsibilities in the incident control unit and they worked on mopping up and knocking down burning stags the rest of the day.

Mike blacking out

Duncan and Mike in the Light Tanker arrived a few minutes after the 4.4 and were instructed to patrol Jindong-Treeton Road, which was in heavy smoke. They worked on knocking down the fire in the trees to stop it jumping the road and then mopping up. During the course of the day the light tanker refilled seven times.

The crews worked over 5 hours on the fire.  According to DFES the fire was reported at 11 AM on Wednesday with the cause of the fire being an escaped private burn. Over 8 hectares were burnt.