Brigade stops a grass tree fire in its tracks

The brigade was called out Thursday to stop a fire in a grass tree from spreading.

Bruce, Fish, Mitch and Steveo crewed the 4.4. The fire was quickly brought under control before it could spread to neighboring trees.

Captain Matty Muir said it's always better to call triple zero than risk a fire taking off.


Garage fire brings out all the brigades

A fire in a garage at a house on Commonage road brought out all the local brigades Monday.  Our 4.4 and Light Tanker were called out for our first fire of spring, joining units from Dunsborough and Coastal Fire and Rescue and Dunsborugh Bush Fire Brigades.

Bruce was in the LT and was stood down enroute.  Fish, Mitch, Mark P and Tony were in the 4.4.  As Fish was the FCO for the location, he was nominally Incident Controller, but as it was a house fire, Fire and Rescue ran the show.  They had to break into the garage and, using breathing apparatus, put out the fire .  The fire originated in a refrigerator.  All damage was isolated to the garage.   The Rural brigade was there in case extra water was needed or the fire spread to the surrounding bush.