This is the website of the Yallingup Rural Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, headquartered 6.2k south of the Yallingup Post Office on Caves Road. The brigade covers an area of around 106 sq. kilometres. Its neighbours include the Yallingup Coastal, Dunsborough and Wilyabrup brigades. If you are interested in volunteering as a fire fighter please go to the New Members section of this website. If you are not keen on fighting fires but want to help, we are looking for auxiliary volunteers.  For more information click on New Auxiliaries. Without volunteers there is no brigade. The brigade is a not-for-profit organisation and any  contributions would be much appreciated. The brigade is authorized to accept donations which are tax deductible. If interested, please go to the Contact Us page.


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  • Call the DFES Information Line at:  13DFES (13 3337)
  • Listen to ABC Local Radio at 684 AM at 15  and 45 minutes past the hour.

This website will NOT be updated during a fire although it will carry bushfire alerts from DFES in the box on the right. However these could be delayed up to 15 minutes. Click here for the very latest  DFES South West alerts..

The latest news about the brigade follows below:


Quick response to a holiday fire

A quick response by Wilyabrup brigade  to a fire off Caves road on Wednesday limited damage to two paddocks.  The Wilyabrup light tanker was quickly followed by the Yallingup Rural 4.4 and 1.4 and the Coastal brigade trucks.

The fire, which is thought to have started behind a holiday rental, quickly spread through two paddocks towards an adjacent house before it was brought under control.

Fish was in control with Bob, Mike, Stevo  and Tony in the 4.4 and Bruce, David and Pete in the 1.4. Chris put the heat sensor to good use in the blacking out. Within a little more than 90 minutes the brigade members were returning to their holidays.

A reminder: open outdoor fires are not permitted and that includes fire pits.

Local brigades unite in training exercise

Yallingup Rural was joined by the other local bush fire brigades in a training exercise Tuesday night.  It simulated a fire quickly approaching the area.  The brigades carried out property evaluations and, when determined to be defendable, trucks took up defensive positions around the property.

Debrief after the exercise

Crews from Dunsborough, both Yallingup brigades, Metricup, Wilyabrup and Eagle Bay split into two sectors, with Rural’s Matty Muir in charge of one and Dunsborough’s Dave Jenkins the other.   Crews were then designated locations to check and if feasible, defend. The exercise was complicated with a simulated burn- over and heat stroke.  At the end of the exercise the crews meet at the Rural shed for a debrief and refreshments.

Around 15 trucks took part with over 40 volunteers gaining valuable experience in working together.

Back to Wildwood

The brigade spent its Saturday sundowner at another Wildwood vineyard, three days after its previous visit to the area.

Thanks to the quick turnout of Coastal and our Light Tankers, the fire was contained to a small area of light bush. It is thought the fire was a reignited burn from a few days ago, possibly due to a log burning underground.

Fish was in control and Emma, Steveo and Mark P were driving the LTs. Andy, Dave T, Mike B, Todd and Tony turned up to help out. Chris put the thermal camera to good use, tracking underground heat sources.

Along with the Coastal trucks, the 12.2 tanker turned up to offer support. The incident was over in about 45 minutes, giving the brigade enough time to enjoy the sunset.

And just a reminder that everyone needs a permit to burn from now on and burns can stay hot for days underground.

Escaped burn lights up the bush

A bush fire kept both Yallingup brigades busy Wednesday afternoon.  The fire escaped from an earlier burn and got into adjacent heavy bush at a property off Wildwood Road,

The Rural Light Tanker, along with the two on loan to replace the trucks being serviced, joined two trucks from Coastal and worked from 3pm to 6:30pm putting out the fire and blacking out.

Emma and Tony in the brigade’s Light Tanker joined the Coastal 2.4 and 3.4 in attacking the fire with Fish in charge. They were quickly joined by Allan and Hunty and then Dave B in the loaner LTs. Todd, Chris and Bevan went straight to the fire and worked with the Coastal trucks while Mark P joined Dave in the LT.

The heat imaging camera got used for the first time, identifying hot spots that needed further attention. Specifically a large tree was found to be burning internally and needed additional water.

Due to the density of the bush a dozer was brought in to clear a fire break around the burnt area and the brigades spent the last few hours blacking out. The city did a good job providing food to keep the brigades going. and the 12.2 to keep the water going.

The previous day the brigade was called out to a fire off Commanage Road but the Dunsborough brigade  arrived first to do the heavy lifting.

Fire between the showers

Fish blacking out

The brigade was called out to extinguish an escaped private burn Wednesday .  Although there had been showers early in the day, the fire quickly spread into adjacent bush, thick with leaf litter.

Eli from Dunsborough VFRS was first on the scene, quickly joined by Titch from Yallingup Coastal.   Fortunately Eli had three fire extinguishers in his car and was able to knock down the fire while a local bobcat driver cut a fire break.

Tony turned up a few minutes later, followed by FCO Fish and a few minutes later, Matty in the Light Tanker and John in the 4.4.  Within an hour the fire was blacked out.