Glossary of Terms/Acronyms

AFAC Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council
AIIMS Australasian Inter-Service Incident Management System
BFAC Bush Fire Advisory Committee
BFLO Bush Fire Liaison Officer
BGPA Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
BoM Bureau of Meteorology
BMP Bush Fire Management Plan
BRMP Bush Fire Risk Management Plan
CALD Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
CALM Conservation and Land Management
CBFCO Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
CESM Community Emergency Services Manager
CrISP Critical Infrastructure Structural Protection Trailer
COMCEN DFES Communications Centre
DCBFCO Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
DER Department of Environment Regulation
DOAC District Operations Advisory Committee
DoP Department of Planning
DPaW Department of Parks and Wildlife
DFES Department of Fire and Emergency Services
FCO Fire Control Officer
FDI Fire Danger Index
FFMG Forest Fire Management Group
FFR  Full Face Respirators
FPC Forest Products Commission
GIS Geographical Information System
HEAT HAZMAT Emergency Advisory Team
HMA Hazard Management Agency
IAP Incident Action Plan
IBMC Interagency Bushfire Management Committee
IC Incident Controller
ICC Incident Control Centre
IMT Incident Management Team
ISG Incident Support Group
LEMA Local Emergency Management Arrangements
LG Local Government
MICC Major Incident Control Centre (WA Police, Maylands)
MIR Major Incident Review
MPA Media and Public Affairs (DFES)
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
OAM Operational Area Manager
WESTPLAN – FIRE Page 37 of 54
OASG Operational Area Support Group
OBRM Office of Bushfire Risk Management
PIA Post Incident Analysis
PIO Public Information Officer
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RDC Regional Duty Coordinator (DFES)
ROC Regional Operations Centre (DFES)
SAP Standing Administrative Procedures
SBMG State Bush Fire Management Group
SDC/SDD State Duty Coordinator/State Duty Director (DFES)
SDO State Duty Officer (DPaW)
SECG State Emergency Coordination Group
SEMC State Emergency Management Committee
SEMP State Emergency Management Policy
SEMP OP State Emergency Management Plan Operational Procedure
SEWS Standard Emergency Warning Signal
SHOO State Hazards Operations Officer
SLIP Shared Land Information Platform
SOC State Operations Centre (DFES)
SOCMET State Operations Centre Meteorologist (DFES)
SOP Standing Operating Procedure
TFB Total Fire Ban
TFL Task Force Leader
UCL Unallocated Crown Lands
UMR Unmanaged Reserves
VLO Volunteer Liaison Operations
WALGA Western Australian Local Government Association
WANDRRA Western Australian Natural Disaster Relief & Recovery Arrangements
WAPC Western Australian Planning Commission
WA Police Western Australia Police
WESTPLAN Western Australian State Emergency Management Plan